Modern UXH
Modal Editing + Modern Editing
Coming from Atom/VSCode?
Unlike most Electron-based editors, Oni features a high-performance canvas renderer, along with neovim at the core - providing a complete vim experience without emulation.
Coming from vim/neovim?
Keep your workflow while enjoying the perks of new code editors, like out-of-box completion & fuzzy find - in a modern, beautiful package.
New to modal editing?
Oni makes it easy to learn and get started!
Batteries IncludedH
Less time configuring, more time creating
Comes out of the box with:
  • Code completion
  • Hover info
  • Font ligature support
  • Fuzzy file finder
  • Language server support
  • Snippets
Customizable your way:
Maximize ProductivityH
Live Preview (Coming Soon)

Oni is about more than just modal editing - its about improving your workflow from start to finish.

View changes live as you code, minimizing the time spent on the 'inner loop' of code/build/test, and maximizing your productivity.

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...our backers, sponsors, and contributors!

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